Futures Housing Group has several companies and components within it. Some are for legal reasons or to separate out specific areas of work. Other parts of our structure reflect our history. You can download an overview of the Group's structure to see how everything fits together. 

The Group is overseen and managed by our Group Board and Group Directors, supported by the Co-Executive Team of senior managers.

We have a skills & competency framework for our Board members to make sure that we have all the skills and attributes in place that we need for the Board to be effective. We use this framework when we recruit to the Board to identify and fill any gaps, changing priorities and to increase the Board’s diversity. Click here to view the Board skills & competency framework. Assessments take place using this framework and the latest summary (June 2023) can be seen here.

Legal information

Registered company details for the Group

  • Futures Housing Group Limited (company registration no. 6293737; Registered Provider of social housing L4502)
  • Futures Homescape Limited (Community Benefit Society, number 8970; Registered Provider of social housing L4372 and exempt charity)
  • Futures Homeway Limited (Community Benefit Society, number 8973; Registered Provider of social housing L4498 and exempt charity)
  • Futures Living Limited (company registration 9583110).
  • Five Doorways Homes Limited (FCA registration no. 29695R, Community Benefit Society and exempt charity)
  • Futures Finance Limited (company registration no. 11706438)
  • Futures Treasury plc (company registration no. 11697811)

Registered office (all Group companies)

  • Futures House, Building 435, Argosy Road, Castle Donington, DE74 2SA