Dumping waste illegally isn't a small issue. It's a big problem and we have some shocking figures to reveal how much it costs Futures to remove fly-tipping and the knock-on effects this has on our customers.

We usually spend around £40,000 a year just to remove fly-tipping. Across Daventry alone, each month we remove about eight tonnes of illegally dumped waste. One tonne is about the size of a small elephant, so we deal with eight elephant-sized loads of rubbish every month, just from one community where our customers live.

If £40,000 doesn’t mean much to you, with that money we could…

  • renovate eight kitchens
  • install 194 showers
  • buy and fit 34 gas boilers
  • install 38 external doors.

So, we’re asking for your help! We want you to help us put a stop to fly-tipping by reporting it to us, so we can spend that £40,000 on our customers’ homes instead.

What is fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is when people dump waste where it's not allowed by law. It’s not just rubbish dumped at the side of a country road, it can even be items left outside your home on the pavement or left next to your bin. If you’re caught fly-tipping, you risk a fine of up to £50,000 or you may even receive a prison sentence.

The types of items people fly-tip include:

  • old furniture
  • fridges
  • washing machines
  • garden waste
  • construction materials,
  • general rubbish left at the side of the road.
Dropped Dumpsters With Fallen Out Trash Ground

The effect on your community

But it's not just about the penalties and how much it costs us. It hurts our neighbourhoods, damages nature, and is dangerous for people, especially when dangerous items are being dumped.

  • Environmental damage: Contamination to soil and water from fly-flipping can last years, especially if it contains toxic material or asbestos. This can disrupt the environment and cause problems for wildlife and plants.
  • Impact on children: Play areas become unsafe for children leading to injuries and exposure to dangerous substances.
  • Community impact: Not only does fly-tipping make outdoor spaces look run down, but it can also cause unpleasant smells and attract pests.

How to dispose of waste and protect your community

Got rubbish you want to get rid of? Here's what you can do: