Everyone should have a comfortable, affordable, warm home and employment - and yet for many that is still an aspiration. So as long as there is a housing crisis, we're committed to doing everything we can to help. 

Our ambitious corporate plan, CP24+, explains what we're doing to provide more and better homes and to support people to live well. This includes building even more new homes over the coming years as well as investing more in the homes we already provide for our customers. We're also doing more to support our customers and their communities by focusing on improving services. But we can't solve the East Midlands' housing problems on our own - so we need fantastic partners to help us achieve our vision of providing quality homes and services for better futures. As well as finding new ways of working with our existing partners, we want to forge new relationships that help make life better for people and communities across the region.

Read on and follow the links below to find out what we offer our partners and how we can join forces to make an even bigger difference.

Facing the future together

Partnerships are essential to Futures and to meeting the needs and aspirations of people across the East Midlands. Watch this short video to find out more.