Making sure that people aren’t being abused or neglected is an important part of keeping you and all our customers safe.

Our teams are trained to spot the signs of abuse when they are talking to customers and out in the community. But we also want you to help to keep each other safe by reporting cases of suspected abuse or mistreatment. If you think it is an emergency (for example if someone is at immediate risk of harm) we would encourage you to call 999. 

County councils are legally responsible for dealing with cases of abuse – this is called ‘safeguarding’. If you are concerned about the welfare of a family member, a neighbour or someone in your community, it’s important to let the county council know. You can make a report confidentially and the council will have to follow clear procedures to investigate but also to do so in a way that won’t put anyone at more risk. 

We have more information about domestic abuse here on our website and below are contact details and links to more safeguarding information for the main areas where we work.

Click here for our domestic abuse page

Derbyshire: adult safeguarding

Northamptonshire: adult safeguarding

  • If you have urgent concerns about an adult’s safety, contact Northamptonshire’s Customer Service
  • In an emergency outside office hours, contact the Northamptonshire Duty Team on 01604 626 938.
  • Use the link here for more information about safeguarding in Northamptonshire. 
  • Use the link here to find out more about safeguarding in Northamptonshire.

Nottinghamshire: adult safeguarding

  • To report a concern, call 0300 500 80 80 or email
  • Use the link here to find out more more about safeguarding in Nottinghamshire.