We’re constantly working to make our website as accessible and usable as possible. This includes periodic accessibility audits. The last of these was carried out in November 2020 and we were pleased to meet the AA accessibility standard. The audit found a few areas for improvement and we are currently investigating how we can address these. The website doesn’t have a separate accessibility statement because we’ve tried to design our websites to be as accessible and usable as possible for every user. 

The design of the site uses our corporate branding and our November 2020 audit found that contrast of some text could be improved. However, rather than redesign the whole site to address this we offer a high contrast version of the site. This can be accessed from the 'Accessibility' link in the top menu, together with the option to increase font sizes.

If you find any issues or problems or have suggestions for how we can improve accessibility of this site, please email our Communications team at communications@futureshg.co.uk.

Our websites should be compatible with recent versions of the following screen readers:

  • Jaws
  • ZoomTest
  • NVDA
  • VoiceOver
  • Window Eyes Supernova screen readers
  • Magicetc

The site should also be compatible with:

  • basic operating system screen magnifiers
  • speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • operating system speech packages.


The BBC has a great guide to accessibility. Check it out here.

You can also email suggestions and tell us about accessibility problems at communications@futureshg.co.uk.

If you have trouble using our site, please email communications@futureshg.co.uk or give us a call on 0300 456 2531 so we can help to improve your experience.