There is no question that the UK has been in a housing crisis for years. Like many others we believe that this is driven by a shortage of homes, particularly affordable ones. So developing and acquiring new homes to offer to communities across the East Midlands is a key priority for Futures.

We're proud to be an excellent partner and work with people who share our passion to create great places, great services and great tomorrows for our customers. We love to share our experience and expertise so that the strong relationships we forge mean we can deliver a wider range of services for our customers. Futures is always looking for new opportunities to work with others, especially when it comes to developing new homes which meet the needs and aspirations of people throughout the East Midlands.

We have our own development company, Futures Living, that builds new new homes and offers them on the open market. 

Our new corporate plan for 2024-27, CP24+, sets out our ambitions for development in the coming years. We aim to:

  • Build as many homes as we can, especially in Amber Valley, Erewash and West Northants.
  • Ensure that our new homes are safe, high quality and affordable to heat.
  • Continue our strategic partnership with Homes England to deliver or exceed our target of delivering 400 new homes.
  • Work with trusted development partners to deliver high quality new homes.
  • Clearly understand local customer needs and adapt our development programme accordingly.
  • Have more control and flexibility around the size, layout and specification of new homes to better meet customer need.
  • Focus on new affordable homes backed up by other tenures including market sale and market rent, that meet a need and generate revenue to help fund our work.
  • Improve how we work to reduce risk and give more assurance around the development programme.
  • Invest in our Development team so that we have the capability and capacity to deliver.
  • Seek to improve and regenerate our existing neighbourhoods.

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