After the 31 January 2024 it will be against the law to own an XL Bully dog unless you have a valid ‘Certificate of Exemption’. 

There are several requirements set out to enable owners to apply for this certificate, including the need to obtain permission from your landlord. 

We urge all customers who own an XL Bully dog to please contact Futures as you will need permission from us, before you apply for your Certificate of Exemption by 31 January. 

We will review requests in accordance with customers' tenancy agreements and may be able to provide permission on a temporary basis (initially) to enable you to apply for the exemption. Once you receive your Certificate of Exemption, you'll then need to provide us with a copy of this for your permission to remain in place.   

You can post or email the certificate to Futures using the below addresses.  

  • Email: 
  • Customer Services Team, Futures Housing Group, PO BOX 141, Innovation House, Coniston Court, Blyth, NE24 9FQ 

If you’re unable to send a copy through the post or by email, then please call Customer Services on 0300 456 2531. We will then arrange for your Community Housing Officer to come and take a photo of the certificate instead. 

It will be a breach of your tenancy agreement if you own an XL Bully and do not provide Futures with a copy of your valid Certificate of Exemption. 

We understand this may be a worrying time for some of our customers, so we’d encourage anybody concerned to speak to us, to see how we can help. We are creating a policy about the how the ban affects our customers and how Futures will manage this process. We’ll share this and any further updates we have with you.  


Reminder of the new guidelines