At Futures we take our work seriously and always strive to provide the best service possible. To help understand where our customers think we're doing well and where we could do better, we use an independent research company to survey customers throughout the year about their experience of using our services and living in our homes.

This year we've changed our surveys to align with the Regulator of Social Housing's new Tenant Satisfaction Measures. These are a set of standard questions that housing associations now have to ask customers. You can find out more about these measures here.

Because the questions and how they are asked is standardised, that you can now compare our performance with other housing associations. You can directly see who is doing well and who is doing less well on specific areas. The data is also sent directly to the Regulator to help them monitor how housing associations are doing nationwide and to identify any trends - good or bad - or areas where we all need to improve for example.

2024 is the first year when publishing this data is required by the regulator. You can find our numbers on our 'Our performance' page

We will update this page annually and in response to any further changes in the Government's standards.