Summer. We know it might not feel like it, but we are now in June and that should mean the warmer days are coming - hopefully! Damp, mould and condensation are issues that can affect your home at anytime of the year, even in this "It should be summer and we're getting glimpses of the sun, but it still feels more like winter," period.

We first collaborated with the Energy Saving Trust in October last year to share a guide packed with tips, advice and everyday practices that we can all adopt to keep our homes healthy and comfortable. We'd like to re-share a handbook and a short step-by-step video to help you effectivity maintain a healthy home, as we know this is important all year round.

If you do spot any damp or mould in your home and following these tips it doesn't remove the issue, then please contact us so we can help.

Click here to read the healthy homes handbook

Keeping a healthy home video

Watch this short video to help you manage damp, mould and condensation in your home.