Evie joined our Repairs team for a week of work experience as an electrician. 

She’s currently doing a construction GCSE at Aldercar High School where she gets to learn about different trades. When she asked her teachers about doing work experience, they recommended a placement with us. 

Evie worked alongside our Repairs team for a week getting used to various tasks like using power tools, strapping cables up to ceilings and rewiring. 

She told us about her experience: “I love it, it’s amazing! I’m hoping to get an apprenticeship after this so I can train to become an electrician.”

Beth, who’s supported Evie, said: “She’s seen quite a few different aspects of being an electrician. Having a work experience student with me has been a nice thing to do. I’m in the third year of my electrical apprenticeship, so if Evie goes on to do hers, she’ll go through the same route as me.”

Good luck in your future career Evie and thanks for choosing us for your work experience placement. We’re sure you’ll do great things in the future! 

Interested in work experience opportunities at Futures? Contact our Employability team to see how they can help.