Our top priority and responsibility is to ensure that our customers live in a safe and healthy home. Now we're heading into the winter months, condensation can become more of an issue that all homes can commonly face.

Excessive condensation can lead to various problems, including the growth of mould, which can affect both your well-being and the condition of your home. While minor condensation is typically not a cause for concern, there are several everyday practices we can all adopt to manage its impact.

We've collaborated with the Energy Saving Trust to share a handbook and a short step-by-step video to help you effectively manage condensation and maintain a healthy home. There is also valuable information on various types of dampness, helping you to identify any potential issues.

If you spot any damp or mould in your home - or following these tips does not reduce excess condensation - let us know straight away and we’ll arrange to inspect so that we can take any action we need to take as your landlord. Click here to fill in our customer enquiries form.

This information is part of our overall response to damp and mould. You can read more about how we identify and resolve issues here

Your guide to a healthy home

Watch this short video to help you manage condensation and maintain a healthy home.