It’s predicted that over the next few days, central parts of England are going to be subject to potentially record breaking heatwave temperatures. There are amber and red weather warnings in place across several of our areas of operation. 

We are supporting our team members to work safely and protect their health and wellbeing during this time. Please be aware that although we are doing everything we can to minimise disruption to our services, there may be some minor delays caused by factors outside of our control.  

We also want to share some guidance with our customers to protect your health and wellbeing during this period of extreme heat.  

While many people will be looking forward to the hot weather, there can be significant risks to your health that you should be aware of, such as dehydration (not having enough water), overheating, and, in serious cases, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. 

You should limit time directly in the sun, drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess alcohol consumption to minimise your risk. Try to keep your home cool by closing doors and windows and keeping curtains shut.  

We'd also recommend checking in on your friends, family and neighbours, particularly if they are elderly or have long-term health conditions, as they may be more vulnerable to the hot weather.   

You can find further guidance from the Met Office on how to tackle the heat by clicking here.