Futures has officially made the switch to a safer and environmentally friendly weedkiller.

Foamstream, is a herbicide free weedkiller made from natural ingredients such as wheat, maize and coconut oil, all of which quickly degrade into the environment.

The change has been a long work in progress after Futures decided to stop using glyphosate based weedkiller nearly four years ago. Glyphosate is the active ingredient found in most weedkillers and is harmful not only to plants and animals, but humans too.

At the time, Futures was using around 100 litres of glyphosate mix a week in Amber Valley alone. But, after taking stock of just how much was being used and the harm it could do, the organisation decided to kick the chemical into the long grass.

Since then, various methods and alternatives have been used with very limited success, that is until we discovered Foamstream.

Foamstream works by applying nearly boiling water directly to the weed, along with a covering of organic foam which keeps this heat in. The foam acts like a blanket, which then effectively cooks the weeds, their roots and the soil around them, without the use of any harmful chemicals.

At Futures, we’re always looking for new ways to make sure we’re working more sustainably and eco-friendly. We'll be releasing our first ever environmental, social and governance report later this month highlighting our greener way of working.