It's been a successful year for Futures and we have a suite of three documents to share with you outlining our performance and achievements. We're excited to announce that this includes, for the very first time, a dedicated ESG (environmental, social and governance) report.

Our annual report has a dedicated website showcasing some of our successes over the year, as well as a financial report document demonstrating another strong financial performance.

The new ESG report outlines our performance against the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing. It shows not only Futures' achievements towards this so far, but our goals for the future in what is a relatively new, yet incredibly important arena for us.

Futures’ number one priority is to help people and local communities by providing good quality affordable homes and we defined sustainability as one of four core objectives in our corporate plan.

Ceri Theobald, Group Director of Strategic Partnerships & Growth at Futures said: “I’m delighted we’ve released our first ever ESG report, as it highlights the crucial work, we’ve been doing towards being more sustainable. Sustainability became one of our core objectives at the start of our current corporate plan and remains a key aspect that is important to our colleagues and customers. This passion to do well for people and the planet is something that runs throughout the whole of Futures.

“While we understand there’s a long way to go, this report highlights a great start for Futures on our ESG progress and shows how seriously we’re taking sustainability and our wider impact on the community.”