Did you know our homes produce more carbon dioxide (CO2) than cars produce on the road? Would you know where to start in how to reduce this and better yet, how it could also save you money? 

Over the next six weeks, we'll be sharing six mini-guides full of money and planet saving advice, that you can easily do at home. We've collated some of the best energy saving tips and put them all in to one place.

The first issue of 'Our world, your home' focuses on managing your energy costs in your property. It's jam-packed with helpful information, from the importance of taking meter readings to where to go for energy support in the communities where our customers live.

We know 2022 was financially hard for many, and those worries may have understandably continued to the new year. Making changes or asking for help can be hard, but what better time to do something different than the start of a new year. 

Next week we'll be looking at saving energy at home, but for now, check out the first issue of 'Our world, your home' below, it's your guide to cleaner, greener and cheaper habits.