This competition has now closed. Thank you to all who entered.

The word community is used for a lot of different purposes – we might hear about a gardening community, community support or action, or someone being well known in their community. But what does it actually mean? 

We know that community can mean different things to different people. What it means to you might depend on how old you are, where you live, what your life is like – and we want to hear from you so we can make sure our services are meeting the needs of the people we’re supporting.  

We’re running an exciting competition to find out your thoughts – you simply need to join in the conversation by filling in the form at the bottom of the page. You’ll be entered into a prize draw to win an Amazon Fire 7 just for sharing your views. 

You’ll see on the form we just need you to answer the question ‘what does community mean to me?’. We’ve also provided space for you to share any examples of community going on in your area. 

We’ll be using your comments to inform our understanding of what community is all about for our customers, and to plan our services moving forward.   

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You need to enter the competition by the end of the day on 31 August 2022, and we’ll be contacting the winner of our prize draw on or before Thursday 8 September. You can find our terms and conditions and privacy notice below. 


Terms and conditions 

This competition is being run by Futures Housing Group to collect customer views on what community means to you. Entries can only be collected by filling in the form below.  

You must provide a valid contact email address or phone number and be a Futures Housing Group customer to be eligible for our prize draw. We will contact the winner of our prize using the contact details provided on the form. If we are not able to verify that you are a Futures Housing Group customer we will not be able to award you with the prize and will draw again.  

All valid entries will be entered into the prize draw and a winner will be randomly selected. If we’re unable to contact the winner after one week we will draw again. If you have not heard from us by 15 September you can assume you have not won the prize.  

The prize is an Amazon Fire 7 tablet. There is no alternative prize available. The tablet will be delivered to our winner's home by a team member to ensure it gets to the recipient safely.  


What we’re doing with your data 

As part of this competition we are collecting personal data including your name, address and email address. We will use this information to verify that you are a Futures Housing Group customer, to contact you to let you know if you have won and, where necessary, to address any specific concerns or queries that are raised through the form that we feel warrant a response.  

After the competition has ended, we will remove all personal information from the answers you have provided, with the exception of the area you live in (for example, ‘Ripley’, ‘Daventry’, ‘Heanor’, ‘Long Buckby’). We will also remove any identifying information that might tell us who you are even without the personal information you’ve provided – for example, if you’ve mentioned a neighbour by name or that you live next door to a particular community centre. We will then use your comments to review what community means to our customers and inform our services going forward. We may use your anonymous comments in future communications to evidence the reasoning behind our actions – for example, if you’ve highlighted a need in your area that we want to respond to.  

We will not use your personal or identifiable information for any purposes other than those listed above, and we will not share your data outside of Futures Housing Group. For more information on how we manage your data, you can see our privacy notice: