Did you know you can get reduced price food leftovers from some cafes, restaurants and supermarkets? Or that you can grow your own vegetables from just veg scraps?

We answer these questions in our latest mini guide, that focuses on how to fight food waste and eat sustainably. It's the third release in our six part 'Our world, your home' series, created especially to provide you with tips and advice on saving money, energy and the planet.

This week we look at reducing food waste, something which many of us can be guilty of creating at times. There's so many easy tips we can introduce to our lives to reduce the amount of food we throw away, which should also mean reducing food bills! From batch cooking recipes and meal planning, to buying cheaper 'wonky' veg, we've collated some of the best tips.

If you've not seen the first two guides, make sure you catch-up and read how to manage your energy costs and how to save energy at home.

Next week we'll be looking at being water wise, but for now try not to get too hungry as you feast your eyes on our food inspired guide below.