We've reached the penultimate of our six mini guides packed with money, planet and energy saving advice.

This week we're looking at how to reduce, reuse, reboot and recycle. It might sound like a tongue twister but we promise it's really not that tricky.

Out of the 23 million tonnes of household waste we send to landfill each year, a huge 60% of this can actually be recycled. We cover how to help lower that percentage with a guide of items that can surprisingly be recycled, along with the '30-wear rule', and how you can even purchase left-over affordable paint. There's loads of top tips to help you gain greener, cleaner and cheaper habits.

Next week we'll be looking at transport and transforming our travel options. For many of us, transport is the biggest contributor to our carbon emissions, but we'll put the brakes on that topic for now as you can read the fifth 'Our world, your home' guide below.

In case you've missed the first four issues, we've also covered;