We're pleased to announce we've added more dates for our Neighbourhoods team to visit the communities where our customers live.

Since the start of 2023, our Neighbourhoods team has visited over 60 towns and villages on over 100 dates to meet our customers and their neighbours. Now, we're doing the same again as we've set dates up to Spring 2024, so we're continually out and about across the areas where your 10,300 homes are.

Estate walkabouts are a chance for the whole community to let us know any feedback they have about the areas where they live, and if there’s anything we can do to help. We also have our own checks to complete too, so if something needs further action, we will raise this.

We care about the community where our customers live and know it's important to live in a safe and comfortable environment - which is why we do these walkabouts.

It's also just as important that we work closely with partners, as understandably we're not responsible for everything that happens on your street. That's why you may also spot the police, fire service, community groups and local councils along too. So we can all work together to support your community the best we can.

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