Did you know the average person uses 150 litres of water a day? 

We've released the fourth in our series of six mini guides packed with money and energy saving advice. This week we look at how to reduce water usage and what money you could save on your water bills by making little changes.* We know we can't survive without water but there are easy ways to use less, even cutting your shower time down by a minute can make a difference! As well as simple tips, you can also find what support is available if you're struggling with your bills or debt. 

In case you've missed the first three issues, we've also covered how to fight food wastehow to manage your energy costs and how to save energy at home. Each guide is full of guidance and advice to help you reduce the amount of energy you're using, which can ultimately mean money back in your pocket.

Next week we'll be looking at how to 'reduce, reuse, reboot & recycle', but for now let's see how you can be water wise.

*Savings on your water bills can be made if on a water meter. If you're not on a water meter and have around three or under in your household, it's worth speaking to your water company as a meter may work out cheaper.