If you’re pension age you might have discounted Pension Credit as something you’re not eligible for, or that isn’t worth your time. But did you know that in addition to the extra money in your pocket, it could also open the door to a range of other benefits that could save you significant sums in the long run – regardless of how much you receive as part of Pension Credit itself?

In fact, if you get your claim approved and backdated before 24 August, you could receive £650 from the Government as part of their cost of living scheme – to ease the pressure of the coming months with the energy cap and food prices rising.

In addition to this, receiving Pension Credit also means you could benefit from discounts on your TV license, Council Tax and prescriptions. You’ll also receive cold weather payments to help you with the cost of heating your home – not to be sniffed at during those chilly winter months!

It’s easy to apply – you can either visit the Government website by clicking here, call 0800 99 1234 or contact an organisation like Citizens Advice or Age UK who can support you with making your claim.