Salcare describes itself as ‘the little place that does big things.’ Tucked away on a residential street in Heanor, this hidden gem of a charity has been supporting the local community and beyond for almost 50 years.

It’s easy to think of a charity as a shop selling pre-loved clothes, books and Disney films on video, but for Salcare this is just one of the ever-growing services they offer. Foodbank and food pantry, tick. Domestic violence and family support services, tick. Undergraduate work placements, tick. A revitalised community café? Almost, tick.

The dedicated charity has been supported by Futures and its partners in getting a new commercial cooker for the reopening of its community café.

Don Davis, Business Development Manager at Salcare said: “Without all this support we'd have really struggled, and it means we’re able to give people a warm space to eat again. Many places have helped us deliver this project, but it's a big thanks to Futures for making this possible and sorting a cooker that's fit for purpose.”

Futures has proudly worked together with Travis Perkins, Harmony Fire and Chris Alexander from Electrium, to buy and install the cooker. All have either kindly donated money or supplied goods free of charge to support the charity. We're also proud of our own colleagues, Ian, John and Tarron for working hard to get the cooker connected. After Futures helped decorate Salcare on Futures in the Community Day, our team got the ball rolling to help reopen their café doors after being closed since covid.

Don said: “It was a big disappointment for people when we had to close. Before covid there were lots of people who came on a regular basis, not only to eat but to chat with others. Some people came just to get out the house.

"We find a lot of people who come to us have isolation issues, so we know there’s a high demand for a café like this. It’s a place for people to come together locally, that isn’t going to cost them a fortune.”

The café will be open five days a week from early April and while the menu is still being crafted, the cost of items will be set at an affordable price. Don said: “All our prices will be low. If somebody can’t afford something then please speak to us, we’re still here for you.”

Denise Sage, Community Hub Development Co-ordinator at Salcare said the café is for people of all ages: “We hope everyone feels welcome to use it. We’re going to run a luncheon club for pensioners, which will be a three-course meal with free tea and coffee. Eventually we’ll be open around teatime too, so when children finish school, they can then have at least one hot meal a day very cheaply.”

Being a charity, Salcare depends on volunteers to help provide many of its services, and the community café will mean more work opportunities. Don said: “We’d love volunteers, and any help will be appreciated, even just a couple of hours a week.”

We understand at Futures the impact organisations like Salcare have, which is why it’s so important for us to give back to groups that do so much for the communities where our customers live.

Those interested in volunteering should contact Salcare directly and check their Facebook for details on the opening date.