Where everyone is welcome and thriving

At Futures, we want to create an environment where everyone is welcome and thriving. Be that customers using our services, suppliers we engage with or our team members. Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion runs throughout our organisation, and we want to make sure that everyone benefits from the work we're doing.

We’ve worked with Compelling Culture, an organisation that helps companies to build inclusion strategies that engage their team members and support their customers, to review and evaluate our progress so far and what our plans are for the future.

We’ve decided to focus on equity rather than equality as we think it’s really important that everybody has the support they need on an individual level. We’re here to help our colleagues reach their goals and aspirations, but we understand there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to this. We want to make sure that we recognise and celebrate the diversity of the people in our organisation and make sure their needs are met. So that they, and we, can be as successful as possible.

We're proud to be an organisation that is already welcoming and inclusive, which is reflected in conversations we have every day with team members, customers, and our external stakeholders.

Our strategy is in its second year now. Our first year focussed internally to better understand our team members, and their experiences working at Futures, and we’ll continue to work on creating a space where people can thrive. We’ve also been working on growing our confidence and knowledge in the area through training for team members. But as we think ahead, our focus will begin to turn to better understand our customers. We’ll take our learnings from year one and put them into practice when engaging with our customers and suppliers.

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It’s been a pleasure working with Futures and feeling the authentic commitment to embedding inclusion into every element of the business from employee experience to customer experience and their wider world impact. Because unless organisations are consciously including people, they’re probably accidentally excluding people.
Catherine Garrod Founder of Compelling Culture