What do you mean you're hiring customers? No, we're not hiring people to pretend they're a Futures customer. But we are looking for two customers to join our Insight Committee, where you can help us to make changes that benefit all customers - and get paid for it too!

The Insight Committee is part of our governance and is made up of board members, independent members, senior staff and currently four customers. Together, they advise us on how to improve what we offer to customers, review relevant policies and keep an eye on our performance.

  • You'll need to join at least six committee meetings a year, plus online activities between meetings.
  • Meetings usually take place during the working day at our main office Futures House, close to East Midlands Airport.
  • Pay is £3,134 a year, plus expenses.

David Hook, Insight Committee customer member said: "I joined as a tenant, knowing very little about the social housing sector. The whole experience has been both enlightening and educational, made easier by the support of the other committee members and Futures staff." 

How to apply

Check out the recruitment pack at the bottom of this page which explains exactly what the role entails, what your responsibilities will be and preferred experience.

  • Please explain in a covering letter how you feel that your skills, experience and achievements match what we're looking for, and why you want to join us.
  • Send the covering letter as well as your CV to fhggovernance@futureshg.co.uk by 27 October. Good luck!
  • As part of the application, we'd appreciate it if you could complete our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion form, so we can monitor the fairness of our recruitment. This will not affect your application and should you choose to take part, your data will be anonymised and will not be a visible part of the selection process.