For many recent graduates, the job search can be a daunting and frustrating experience. This was the case for Tom who graduated from university in 2018 with a degree in Maths. 

Despite his impressive qualifications, he struggled to find a job in his field after years of searching.

However, Tom’s fortunes changed when he discovered the Kickstart Scheme, a government initiative designed to provide work opportunities for young people. Through the programme Tom was able to secure his first job at Futures! “I was very excited when I got the role,” Tom said. “It was like someone finally said yes.”

Tom started at Futures in July 2021 working in the Development Team. During his first six months, Tom’s first big project was helping organise the Development Team’s filing structure, which he worked on closely with his supervisor Trudi. “She was an amazing first boss to have,” Tom said. “She would call me every morning to see how I was doing.”

As the end of the Kickstart placement approached, Tom received further support, including interview coaching and job seeking assistance. This support led to a short extension in the Business Change team under Darren, where he worked on a project for market rent customers. “Darren was always supportive,” Tom said. “He helped me step outside my comfort zone.”

After Business Change, Tom moved into finance where he’s just recently secured a permanent position! He now works under Senior Finance Manager Tim. “Tim’s always been a bit more hands off, always there if you need him but otherwise, he’ll just leave you to it and trusts you to get the work done” Tom said. He’s always enjoyed working with numbers and has found the experience very rewarding.

Throughout his time at Futures, Tom has enjoyed the supportive and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to gaining work experience, Tom has gained a newfound confidence in his abilities. “I always felt like I could do a job like this, and it was just getting that first chance to get in and prove I can do it.” he said.

Tom's Kickstart Journey