Last year we officially made the switch to a safer and environmentally friendly weedkiller, called Foamstream. You may have heard us mention Foamstream last winter and some of you might have seen the beast of a machine attached to a Futures' van. But now we're in summer and prime weed season, we wanted to show you Foamstream in action. Or should we say, "lights, camera, action!"

Futures previously used a glyphosate weedkiller mix. While this is a common ingredient in most weedkillers, it can be harmful to animals, plants and even people too. We went cold turkey after taking stock of just how much of this weedkiller we were using, but it then took four years to find the best solution.

Foamstream uses a mixture containing potato starch and combines it with boiling water, which then comes out as foam. The foam acts like a blanket and effectively cooks the weeds - think what happens to spinach when cooked!

The mixture goes down into the soil, killing the roots, using only natural products.

The Rise of the Weedkiller

Foamstream is a safer and environmentally friendly weedkiller that doesn't use any harmful chemicals.
So don't be scared if you see the weedkiller on a street near you, or maybe you should be... watch the video to decide.