You may remember this story from a few weeks ago about scam callers claiming to be from ‘Futures Treasury’, threatening our customers with eviction unless they made an urgent payment – which we would never do.

These calls are still happening, with one customer reporting five calls from the number in one day.

At Futures, eviction is always a very last resort. Even if people are in deep arrears we will always try to find a positive way forward that avoids people losing their home. Anyone who is facing eviction would have many opportunities to discuss it with us before we take any action at all. The process of evicting someone can take months.

So if you're a Futures customer and someone calls you with surprise news of a threat of immediate eviction, you can assume it's not us and that it's likely to be scam.

We’re also aware of another ongoing scam, in which callers claiming to be conducting energy efficiency tests on our behalf contact our customers and ask for information about their home. We are not currently working with another organisation to do this, so please do not provide any information to these callers if they contact you.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to prevent scammers pretending to be us, but we do urge all our customers to remain vigilant and let us know if something doesn’t seem quite right by filling in our customer enquiry form. You can also report scam callers to Action Fraud, 101 or the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). If you’re receiving a high volume of scam calls you can also consider registering with the Telephone Preference Service.