This week we have had a few reports from customers saying that they have been called by someone claiming to be from 'Futures Treasury' and in one case 'council housing' saying that they are going to be evicted. 

Thankfully the customers concerned contacted us for more information and we were able to reassure them that we had absolutely no plans to evict them. 

This appears to be a scam. We assume that the callers were going to ask for money to 'prevent' the eviction. 

At Futures, eviction is always a very last resort. Even if people are in deep arrears we will always try to find a positive way forward that avoids people losing their home. Anyone who is facing eviction would have many opportunities to discuss it with us before we take any action at all. The process of evicting someone can take months.

So if you're a Futures customer and someone calls you with surprise news of a threat of immediate eviction, you can assume it's not us and that it's likely to be scam. 

We would advise you to end the call and let us know which you can do here.

You can also consider letting the police know by calling 101 or report the scam attempt to Action Fraud