If you pay for your gas and electric by topping up on a traditional prepayment meter, you only have a few weeks left to claim your energy support vouchers.

It's been revealed there's still £130 million of government support left to claim and the deadline for doing this is 30 June. 

Households on a top-up meter should've received six vouchers through the post between October last year and March, totalling £400 of support that you don't pay back. Over 1.9 million vouchers are still unclaimed and will expire at the end of this month if not used. If you still have energy vouchers at home, then you must take them to a Post Office or PayPoint store as soon as possible to claim.

Missing a voucher or still have expired ones?

All vouchers issued so far expire after 90 days, however if you speak to your supplier they should be able to resend it. It's important to note, any reissued now will NOT be valid for 90 days and will expire on 30 June.

Some suppliers may also be able to text or email the voucher instead. If you'd prefer them to resend it this way, or if you're missing a voucher or have an expired one, the best thing to do is to speak to your gas and electric supplier.

If you have a voucher you've not used, you have until 11:59pm on 30 June 2023 to claim.