Anaemai, who used to live on a canal boat, experienced a devastating loss of all her belongings during a storm. Feeling discouraged and in need of assistance to settle into her new home, she reached out to our tenancy support team, and we then referred her to our employability program.

With the guidance of our dedicated employability officer, Sophie, Anaemai began her journey to improve her chances of finding a job and regain her self-confidence. Sophie supported her in learning how to search for jobs effectively and helped her improve her computer skills by providing her with a laptop.

Recognising Anaemai's desire to learn and grow, Sophie helped her find online courses that matched her interests. Anaemai took these courses enthusiastically, expanding her knowledge and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

To boost Anaemai's confidence and ensure she received the support she needed, Sophie accompanied her to appointments at the local job centre. This support helped Anaemai feel more comfortable interacting with work coaches and receiving the necessary assistance.

As Anaemai's confidence grew, she expressed an interest in giving back to the community. With Sophie's guidance, she secured volunteer positions at two local charity shops. This allowed her to gain valuable work experience and make a positive impact

Anaemai's passion for learning continued to grow, and she decided to enrol in additional courses, such as food hygiene and social care. These courses expanded her skills and made her more employable in related fields. Looking ahead, Anaemai is hoping to find a part-time paid job that will allow her to continue volunteering and pursuing her personal development goals.

Anaemai's journey with us demonstrates her resilience, personal growth, and transformation. With the ongoing support of Sophie, she has developed important skills, regained her confidence, and expanded her knowledge. We're looking forward to continuing to support Anaemai as she continues to thrive in both her personal and professional life.

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