The pandemic has made life difficult for everyone and for many people this has led to job losses and unemployment, which includes apprentices. We want to help our customers find work and that's why we're promoting the Department of Education's Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices (ReSSA), created specifically to support apprentices who have been made unemployed as a result of the pandemic. 

The ReSSA provides clear, accessible advice and guidance to apprentices following redundancy, while supporting their next steps. It will help redundant apprentices to identify new apprenticeship and employment opportunities, and, where they are eligible, complete their current apprenticeship. 

This service will enable individuals to access free online information and telephone support, helping to connect them with national and local support services, including financial, legal, health and wellbeing and careers advice. It will also share with apprentices details of new apprenticeship opportunities being offered by employers in their region. 

ReSSA is a free service for any apprentice that is funded through the English apprenticeship system and has been made redundant or feels at risk of redundancy. 

Apprentices can submit their details via an online registration form or through the Apprenticeship Helpdesk. The service will work with employers to identify new apprenticeship opportunities which redundant apprentices can apply for. 

If you’ve been made redundant or think you might be made redundant in the future visit Facing redundancy during your apprenticeship or call 0800 015 0400 to speak to an adviser. 

Don't forget Futures has an employment support team which is here to help. To get support visit our employment support page here.