Lindsey Williams, who has been Futures' Group Chief Executive for almost two decades, is the new President of East Midlands Chamber.

She was inducted into the role at the Chamber’s annual general meeting, held virtually today (Wednesday 15 December).

Lindsey smiles to camera in a black and white patterned shirt. She has shoulder length brown hair.

In her first speech as President, she spoke about her two priorities – to support the Chamber’s objective of strengthening links between businesses and communities to create a ‘Sustainable East Midlands’, and to support the wider region in attracting, developing and retaining great talent via the young professionals’ network Generation Next.

She said: “I’m extremely proud to become President of East Midlands Chamber after seeing much of its great work across the region as a board member, and I’m excited about what we can achieve in the year ahead.

“I’m passionate about people having choice – something that is limited by poverty and a lack of opportunity – so I want to ensure that our region has equity of investment compared to the rest of the country and, specifically, to promote how any company can have an impact on the local community.

“As a housing provider with an important role in our communities, I’m aware of the many benefits this can have for organisations – building reputation, raising employee loyalty and establishing networks – and there has probably never been a more important time for this connection as we continue to see the negative impact of the pandemic on communities.

“The Chamber’s aim is to help its members achieve their aspirations in supporting the communities in which they operate by getting 70% of our members active in local communities – so I hope I can support in increasing this number over the next year by sharing best practice and ideas, celebrating the work of members and providing encouragement to organisations to engage.”

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