Organisations across Derbyshire are joining the UK’s first official Antisocial Behaviour Awareness Week to take a stand in making communities safer. 

Derbyshire Constabulary, Derbyshire County Council, District and City Councils, Derbyshire Victim Support and many others have all signed the ASB Help Pledge (The ASB Pledge - ASB HELP) showing their commitment to tackling the issue. 

#ASBawarenessweek runs from 19 to 25 July 2021 and aims to bring people and organisations together in tackling antisocial behaviour. 

This national campaign is supported by the Home Office and is hosted by Resolve, a Centre of Excellence, solely focused upon community safety and antisocial behaviour. 

The term antisocial behaviour is used to describe the day-to-day incidents of crime, nuisance and disorder. It’s an activity that can make people’s lives a misery and can have a severe impact on the local community, ranging from litter and vandalism, to public drunkenness or aggressive dogs, to noisy or abusive neighbours. 

An online ASB Hub toolkit has also been created which features a great range of information on what antisocial behaviour is, which agency to report it to, how organisations tackle these behaviours and support that is available. 

Futures is proud to be taking part in ASB Awareness Week alongside our amazing partners in Derbyshire, and are committed to tackling ASB for customers across all our areas. Keep an eye on our social media channels this week and visit our antisocial behaviour page to find out more about how we support our customers who are experiencing antisocial behaviour.