Futures customer Louise was furloughed due to the pandemic, and worked with our employability assistant Sylvia to build her confidence and secure an exciting new opportunity.

Mentoring circles were offered to Futures’ customers in partnership with the Job Centre to help provide an insight into different careers and opportunities in light of the pandemic. These virtual sessions were how Louise first met with our employment advice team, having had the sessions recommended to her by her work coach.

She wanted to speak to someone and get some help and support to find a job or an apprenticeship, and our employment advice team were happy to help. They supported Louise to build her confidence in interviews and to believe in her own abilities. Sylvia, our employability assistant, worked with Louise during weekly Zoom calls, helping her to write applications and prepare for interviews. Louise has now been accepted on an apprenticeship scheme with Derby City Council which will begin soon, marking the start of an exciting new career.

For Louise, the best thing about working with Sylvia was how friendly she was and dedicated to helping. She spent a lot of time searching for jobs and helping with preparations, which really helped to boost the chance of a successful interview.

“I’d highly recommend getting in touch with the employment advice team. Without their help and support, I would not have been successful in getting my apprenticeship.”

Sylvia also really enjoyed working with Louise and helping her on her journey to a new career.

“Lots of people who were furloughed during the pandemic had their confidence knocked, so the mentoring circles were a great opportunity to start building some of that back up. For Louise, she said she was nervous about interviews, so we spent time preparing and doing mock interviews over Zoom - this helped her to become more confident at an interview. Her story is a testament to how hard she’s worked. She has shown commitment and dedication to succeed, which has paid off, and we’re excited to have helped her along the way.”

If you’re ready to start your employment journey, you can get in touch with the employment advice team by emailing employability@futureshg.co.uk or filling in the contact request form on our website