We're excited to be joining in with #TalkMoney Week, which is all about encouraging people to have conversations about their finances to improve their physical, mental and financial wellbeing. As part of our celebrations we're inviting our customers to get to know some of the friendly faces on the other end of the phone. Today we're excited to introduce Lucy and Tom from our customer services team.

To find out more about #TalkMoney week, organised by the Money & Pensions Service, please click here.

Lucy R

Meet Lucy

I really like the feeling of knowing I’ve helped someone, and that’s one of my favourite things about my job as a customer services advisor. I’ve been at Futures for over a year and it’s always busy with lots of different enquiries coming through different channels. No enquiry is ever the same, so it keeps us on our toes!

As well as answering the phones we do a lot behind the scenes. We’ll always try our best to accommodate as much as we can, and although sometimes mistakes do happen (we’re only human, after all!) we always try to make them right.

My advice to customers would be to remember that Mondays are always our busiest day! So sometimes it’s easier to get through to us later on in the week.

I also want customers to know that we have great teams who can help with managing money – our income officers and money advice team are always so helpful. They’re never judgemental and they just want to help.

Meet Tom

I’ve been a customer services advisor with Futures for a year and my role has changed quite a lot recently due to the lockdown caused by coronavirus. I help all the departments out with things like making sure everything that needs posting is sorted, in addition to my usual role of helping our customers. My favourite part of my job is helping people every day and making sure repairs are carried out safely – we always want to make sure our customers are looked after and that’s a key part of what I do.

Futures is a great place to work, and we’re really supported and given the opportunity to develop. Sometimes, I wish some of our customers would remember that we really do want to help them in every way we can – and ultimately that we’re people too and should be treated with respect.

My best piece of advice for customers is to register for MyAccount. It’s an online portal that can be used to manage your rent account, so you can keep track of exactly how much needs paying and when your next payment is due. You can also use it to book repairs and things, which saves you waiting on the phone!

The best thing a customer can do if they’re struggling with their finances, especially with the pandemic still affecting so many, is to let us know. We have a great money advice team who can help to get them back on track, and it’s a completely free service for our customers. They might point you in the right direction to make sure you’re getting every penny you’re entitled to, or help with payment arrangements so they can stay in positive figures. If you call us and ask to speak to them, they’ll be happy to help.

Tom Photo