You might have noticed changes to the way we’re cutting the grass in the spaces we look after. We’ve moved away from a ‘cut and collect’ system, where we collect and dispose of grass clippings, to a ‘cut and fly’ system. This is where the grass is trimmed in the same way as before, but rather than collecting the clippings and transporting them elsewhere to be disposed of, we leave them where they fall to decompose into the ground.

This might mean that the grass doesn’t look as neat and tidy initially, and we know that this might be disappointing. However, there are real benefits to this new system in the long term, for our customers, the environment and us as an organisation.

We’ll now be able to respond more effectively to customer queries about weeds, shrub beds and hedges because our new system is more efficient and gives our team members more time to maintain our spaces. It also means we’ll be able to cut the grass more often, keeping it healthy and meaning less time between trims.

Our new system is also more sustainable, allowing organic material to absorb back into the soil and enrich it, leading to healthier, nourished grass. We’re also reducing our carbon footprint by cutting down on the amount of heavy equipment we need to transport, and the transporting of the clippings themselves.

We know that any change can have its downsides, and it’s true that the grass might look a little less tidy initially, particularly if the weather is damp. Overall, however, we’re confident that our new system is better for the spaces we look after and we’re looking forward to spending more time making sure they’re healthy, tidy and well cared for.