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Rights and Responsibilities

As a valued customer of Futures Housing Group, we want to make sure you have all the information and support you need to enjoy your home.

As part of this, we will have already talked about your rights and responsibilities when you signed your tenancy agreement. But here’s a handy reminder. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your rights and responsibilities

You have the right to:

  • Have repairs done for you by Futures Housing Group
  • Carry out improvements with our permission
  • Get compensation for certain improvements if you leave
  • Exercise your legal rights as a customer
  • Live in the property as your principal home
  • To assign (or pass) your tenancy to someone else
  • Take in a lodger, as long as you let us know, and don’t allow your home to become overcrowded
  • Allow a member of your family succeed to your tenancy if they have lived with you for 12 months
  • Be consulted about the way we manage your home and any changes or improvements that we wish to make.

Your main responsibilities are:

  • To pay your rent and other charges on time
  • To look after your home and garden
  • To keep the inside of your home in a good state of decoration
  • To do any repairs you are responsible for
  • Not to alter the property without our consent
  • To ensure your household, visitors or pets do not cause nuisance, harassment or annoyance to neighbours
  • To not harass or threaten others, including our staff
  • To give us access to complete repairs, annual gas servicing works and staff going about their duties.
  • To ensure the hygiene of the water system and report any defects. For more information see the water hygiene page.

If you don’t comply with your responsibilities we will give you the time to put things right but if there is no improvement we may take legal action against you. We could ask the court to end your tenancy, or could apply for an injunction against you.

Futures Housing Group rights and responsibilities

Our main responsibilities are to:

  • Consult with you about important changes to the management of your tenancy
  • Keep the structure and exterior of your home in good repair
  • Keep heating, hot water, sanitation, and supply of water, gas and electricity in good repair and working order
  • Deal with your complaints
  • Provide services in line with our published service standards
  • Provide you with information about our services and performance.

We have the right to:

  • Change your rent or other charges as long as we give you appropriate notice
  • Request access to carry out inspection or repairs or to service appliances
  • Ask the courts to end your tenancy if you break your conditions of tenancy.
  • Last updated: 19/05/2016

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