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Water Saving Tips

Lifestyle choices, population growth and climate change are placing increasing demands on our water supplies.

Here are some water saving tips to help you use water wisely.

In the Kitchen


  • Fill the kettle with the amount of water you need.
  • Use a plug in the sink or a bowl to wash dishes.
  • Rinse vegetables in a bowl rather than running water. This can be used to water your plants.
  • Use your washing machine and dishwasher only when you have a full load. If your machine has a half load button, use this whenever you can.
  • Hand washing woollen items does the job just as well as machine washing and saves several litres of water.
  • Cooling water in the fridge for drinks means you don’t waste water running the tap, and will also reduce the smell of chlorine.

In the Bathroom


  • Use the plug in the washbasin rather than leaving the tap running whilst shaving.
  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with a glass of water.
  • Taking a shower instead of a bath will use around one third of the water.
  • The toilet is one of the largest users of water in the home. Avoid flushing unnecessarily and if you have a dual flush control, don’t forget to use it.
  • Building regulations state a bath in any property built after 2010 has to have safety devices fitted so that the water does not exceed 48⁰ This cannot be altered.



  • A water butt in your garden can collect rainwater that can be used on plants and lawns, saving litres of water.
  • Rather than washing your car with a hose pipe use a bucket and sponge and rinse with a watering can.



  • A dripping tap can waste up to 140 litres of water a week.
  • Look out for water tank and toilet overflows running outside (the overflows on modern toilets run into the bowl rather than outside) Report any problems as soon as possible.
  • Know where your main stop tap is and make sure it works. If a leak occurs you will be able to isolate the supply and prevent waste of water and damage to your property.

Immersion heater safety alert!

If your water is heated by an immersion heater, look out for warning signs that there may be a problem. These include:

  • Excessively hot water coming out of the hot water taps.
  • Excessive noise or ‘burbling’ from the hot water cylinder.
  • Hot water coming out of certain cold water taps.
  • Steam/moisture in the roof space.

More information on water hygiene.

  • Last updated: 02/06/2016

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