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Value for Money & Accounts

Our approach to value for money is right at the heart of our objectives and values as a housing and community provider and social business.

It’s about delivering what matters to and makes most difference for our current and future customers. We also believe in value for money – investing in our people, customers and neighbourhoods to build communities that thrive and last.

Download our 2015/16 Annual Accounts here

What it means to us

Value for money is often defined as being about the three ‘e’s: being effective, efficient and economical. We agree, but go further by adding two more ‘e’s. We want everyone affected by and involved in our business everywhere we work to feel and be part of delivering true value.

Our quality and price pledge

We aim to deliver services that match the top performing 25 per cent of similar housing providers, at a reasonable cost that’s no more than the mid-point charged by our peers and competitors.

Our VFM Self-Assessment

You can review our full Value for Money self assessment 2015 – 2016 for full details about our targets for achieving VFM.

You can also take a look at our current Value for Money regulatory compliance statement here.

We have also produced Investing In Futures, an animated and interactive Group value for money report, which includes case studies and real stories from our customers.

Our VFM Update

Take a look at our Value for Money updates below:

Value for Money Updates

VFM update 2016-17 Q4

VFM Update May 2016

VFM Update December 2015

  • Last updated: 17/11/2014

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